The Kt we loved

The Kt we loved
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Global Warming, feh...

August in Virginia, and it's in the mid-70s! I wonder how many people who visit this month will move here, and then spend the next n years wondering why summer is so much grimmer than what they remember...

I spent part of this week in Boston, at SHARE. I haven't spent time in BOS since we were there with Katie in 2008. That was a nice trip: we went up to Maine first and "did" the coast, then spent several days in Boston itself.

Every previous time I'd been in Boston, it was either winter and cold, or summer and 90+. And so other than some fond memories of that family trip, I've always had a somewhat negative impression of the city: sweltering or freezing outside, then racing inside to comfort.

The whole Northeast is experiencing this unseasonably pleasant weather, and as people had repeatedly told me, Boston turns out to be a lovely city. I had a nice time, other than hating being away from Anita (as ever). And other than seeing an ad for Blue Man Group, which we'd seen there with Katie. Weird how random things like that strike with almost physical force.

Meanwhile, The Verge covers an unlikely topic,Cracking suicide: hackers try to engineer a cure for depression. Not a particularly accurate headline, but an interesting, if sad, article. With a (largely) lively, cogent, and civil set of comments following.

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