The Kt we loved

The Kt we loved
"I just might hurt you if you don't move that camera." — Kt

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back to the future

Well, I'm back home from rainy California, after two whirlwind days of good meetings. Missed Anita like crazy, of course, and am extremely glad to be back here.

Of course, "here" is also the new reality, and Kt isn't here. Now and for the future. Thud.

Driving out there made me think about how much Kt loved California. She hadn't been there since she learned to drive, but would have found yet another reason to like it: drivers out there really are nicer than around here. I ran an errand tonight, and had one driver ignore right-of-way, another almost hit me and then flare left so he could turn right without signaling, a third decide that it was perfectly reasonable to veer into the oncoming traffic in a parking lot so he could park blocking that lane while he ran into a store (well, he did put his hazards on, which must forgive everything!), and -- the Northern Virginia coup de grace -- on the way home, I signaled a lane change to I could pass a slow-moving truck, and another car sped up to block the slot lest I get ahead of him.

California drivers just don't tend to do those things. Of course they aren't perfect, but I've observed before that they consistently seem to be more, well, professional. And Kt would have appreciated that.

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