The Kt we loved

The Kt we loved
"I just might hurt you if you don't move that camera." — Kt

Friday, December 17, 2010

Paint it black

I'm having an exceedingly crappy day. Not for any particular reason, just because. I keep seeing my beautiful daughter's smiling face, and then I just lose it.

The other night I dreamed we were arguing with her about having a TV in her room -- even my dreams don't makes sense: Kt didn't care enough about TV to want one in her room, and there's no cable connection in there anyway.

A week from tomorrow is Christmas, always her favorite holiday (like most people!). This year the carols on the Muzak put my teeth on edge, and I want to slap the Salvation Army dude with his ****ing bell (yes, as Nixon said, "We could do that, but it would be wrong").

At least it's pretty outside, sorta. Strange for a first snow to stick so well -- usually the ground isn't cold enough. They've backed off the threat of snow for Sunday, so those of you who are on your way home from college should be able to travel without incident. I'm glad for that!

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